By day I work a ‘regular’ 8-5 job, ensuring that I don’t starve to death and by night I write of my adventures, usually outside my day job. I’ve always had the passion for adventure and hopefully one day that could be my day job (let me know if you can help me out). Life comes with many challenges and we all have our own story to tell. Here are a few of my stories that will hopefully motivate you to strive for the desires of your heart.

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Rough Terrain

Life is difficult. I’m sure you can relate. We experience storms in our lives that at times may seem impossible to overcome, yet we get through. Sometimes we don’t leave unscathed, but the scars remind us of how we overcame them. It is easier said than done, however. You may not always realise how close … Continue reading Rough Terrain

Word wall

So I was busy reorganizing my cupboard, (and not the clothes you find on the inside, but rather on the outside that I have decorated). Some are posters, others are bookmarks and some are just some cool pictures I have collected on the way. But the one thing that is from my very own handwriting … Continue reading Word wall

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