By day I make sure I work a day job, ensuring that I don’t starve to death and by night I write of my adventures, usually outside my day job. I’ve always had the passion for adventure and hopefully one day that could be my day job (let me know if you can help me out). Life comes with many challenges and we all have our own story to tell. Here are a few of my stories that will hopefully motivate you to strive for the desires of your heart.

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Dancing in the flames To quantify the pain All that’s made is dust What can we change? Oxygen infused Dazed and confused Born to rust In what can we trust? We fall down We fall short Will we ever measure up? Dream so large Gaze at the stars Consternation of the constellations We men rule … Continue reading Atlas


I have been requested by a fellow blogger, in fact someone I feel even to say a friend, to share a post in which I show some photos of my beautiful country South Africa. Firstly, let me say this: No, there aren’t lions that roam the streets, in fact it is rather a safe place. … Continue reading Home

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