I fasted sugar and it changed my life

In general, fasting is a brilliant way to get your life back on track. In many ways it can give you a fresh perspective on life and how you may have been wasting some of those precious seconds.

I have fasted many times in my life for various things: Technology, different types of food but never was it really a challenge. None of them took such a strain on me and pushed me to my limits. It sounds crazy but I am an idealist so I’m in the pursuit of perfection.

This time I decided to fast sugar, but for six months! This was the hardest challenge of all but I certainly grew the most from it.

Here are a few points on the changes I’ve experienced, these points are not backed by medical facts (I’m no doctor), it is simply the changes in my life that I hope to see in yours should you choose to accept the challenge. Also, don’t try this if you actually need sugar, but then try ways to limit it if possible. Also don’t try and drastically change for it could be expensive. There is pretty much sugar in everything, even bread. So just have the smallest amounts of it without having sugar as a snack.

1. More energy in the day.

Sugar gives that spike of energy where you feel on top of the world until a few hours later the spike goes down and you feel less energised than before. No sugar means your energy levels remain the same, just get plenty of sleep and water and you will be good to go.

2. I required less sleep.

It goes hand-in-hand saying that if you lose that energy after the sugar high, you will need to replenish more than without any sugar at all. Without sugar I needed about an hour less of sleep and I wouldn’t feel worse I actually felt better.

3. Your mind is more rigid, having clear thoughts and memories.

The above statement might sound complicated but this is what I mean: I was able to take control of my mind, having clearer thoughts of what I was thinking about and just remembering things a lot easier than usual.

4. It becomes easier to fast, challenge yourself to do something else.

Having that willpower to say no to sugar gives that mentality that you are capable of being disciplined. It gives the ability for the next change in your life to occur with a lot less struggle. Personally, after a few weeks of no sugar I started to excercise with a routine, and I stuck to it.

5. My skin had little to know breakouts

For years I have needed to treat my skin, applying the necessary things to clear it up, however, without sugar I never needed to apply any cream, just a little bit of sea water and the ocassional wash (just kidding, wash everyday).

6. I lost body fat

I’m not overweight in any way but like everyone I do have body fat, with all the excercising and no sugar I lost a bit of body fat and replaced it with muscle.

I would seriously recommend trying this for it has changed my life so I hope it changes yours. Give yourself a time period and if you make it, you will see results. Take the saying of 2019 so far: New year, new you. This could become a new trend, like the Ice-bucket challenge, but this doesn’t waste water but actually changes the world, one step at a time.