How to deal with anger

Have you ever had that desire where you’ve had the urgency of breaking an object to a pulp based on your anger levels? I can guarantee you have, if you have not then I recommend getting your head checked.

At one point of time in our lives things don’t go our way and the rage within us needs to get out. But how can one deal with such rage in a respectable way or a way that could reduce that anger to have that inner peace we all strive for?

I watched a film recently titled: Borg Macenroe featuring two of the greatest tennis players of their time. At that time they were two completely different players. The one (Macenroe) lost his temper every time the match did not go his way while Borg portrayed a person who was in complete control of their emotions on the court.

What you later find out about Borg is that he too was a sore-loser like Macenroe in his younger days but his coach taught him how to deal with that anger. Instead of getting angry after a point he would keep the anger and use it to direct his shot over the court. With every shot he played had not only his skills to play a shot, but the fury that came along with it.

It was truly a memorable moment for Borg and it taught me a lesson or two about timing, hopefully you may learn a thing or two.

For me I have realised that surrendering your situation is also a great way to calm that which angers you. You can see a lot clearer on your knees than you can on your feet. Realising that you need help in a situation is not a sign of weakness but actually a sign of intelligence, and humility.

There are various other ways to cope with anger I’m sure and once you find the thing that works for you, there’s fewer things that can stop you (I would say nothing but that’s very optimistic, but in saying that, does that make me pessimistic? No).