Symbol of the year

I really didn’t want to have some sort of blog post that has to do with some new year resolutions because it is just so darn cliché. While this is a little bit different to most resolutions I hope you may take something out of it or at least remind you of your aspirations and remain disciplined.

I don’t take star signs too seriously but I am enticed by frequent patterns and symbols that occur in my life.

From the beginning of time colours, numbers and symbols has always had a hidden or deeper meaning than what meets the eye, even your name has a meaning that can really speak life over your…life.

This year I have decided that my ‘symbol’ so to speak is a sword. The symbol for a sword is pretty obvious. A sword is commonly used for battle and overcoming your opposition. Now I don’t see people on some hitlist on my horizon but I see a figurative battle for myself this year and perhaps on yours too for we all face obstacles but it’s your choice to back down from it or face it with determination in mind. This year I don’t want to stay in limbo and wait for an obstacle to leave but rather push through and overcome it.

Sometimes having a simple reminder of what you would like to accomplish can be more effective than some well thought out plan. I say this because there are plans that may fall through forcing you to change them. You always have a thought of where you want to be but sometimes it may just take longer. Plans change, but ensure your vision stays the same.