A journey to the unknown

I wish I could say this is my first entry to my very first blog: Wanderingwithapurpose. But it’s not. I had a few ideas on how to start my blog and the story I would write that would establish my blog but instead I pulled something out the archives and posted it showing that there is no more time for procrastination and just a time to start. It is the new year so it is a new beginning.

Speaking of the new year, I am entering a new phase of my life, a new season. I am leaving the security of my family and friends behind and embarking on a brand new adventure in a semi-new place with a lot more I don’t know yet I will just figure it out along the way.

With all of the unknowns that lie before me there is one goal, a goal that drives me to get up before the crack of dawn, to put the hours in of obtaining information and knowledge while also using my skills I have acquired over the years to make something of my year.

A lesson I have learned is that one can have all the wisdom and knowledge but if one does not use the knowledge to create, build or reach for something one is wasting their time and their reason for living. Head knowledge is great, but a mediocre brain with the hunger to reach success is someone I would like to meet for they challenge themselves on a daily basis and through their mistakes they learn, making their brain not so mediocre.

If it excites you and scares you at the same time, you should probably do it. I’m going to follow my dream and probably going to make mistakes along the way, but I know, eventually the lessons learnt is going to result in a success much greater than the ones tackling life with caution.

The journey alone is the journey that makes you stronger. Although I am going to do most things on my own I know that I am not. My friends and family are a phone call away and it is important to make new friends, which I will. Friends that will challenge me to stay motivated, energised and hungry for more. Being content with what I have but always in pursuit of more.

Although this is a new year and a new beginning, I am still the same person. I have just climbed to the top of the mountain. I am not going to turn around and go back, but rather go forth, going down to the next mountain, but with the mentality that there is more for me, I just need to be open and ready for it.

I also know that in the darkest times, in the valleys and in the deserts was the time where God truly shone through, revealing to me that I am never alone. I put my trust in Him this year and for all eternity, He has never failed me, even though I have failed Him. This new adventure was directed by Him so I will go forth now, seeking more of His voice. The attentive whisper, knowing that He is in all things, including me. So why should I fear?

There are many unknowns, but through Him, I am going to wander, with a purpose.