How to ace a job interview

I went for an interview the other day and it was rather different. Usually the questions delivered were easy to understand and straightforward to answer, however, my latest interview I attended had a question I really had to think about.

The question was: “What would you say your greatest weakness is?”.

I’m sure this question has been asked before on various interviews all over the world but never have I received the question. But I think I gave an impressive answer.

So how did I answer the question?

I replied by saying: “I am rather arrogant, I put myself before others and couldn’t care less of my peers.” – Now that was a joke, I wouldn’t recommend saying that, even if it is a joke.

What I actually said was perhaps even a good thing. Because you obviously need to answer the question but you don’t want to throw your name in the dirt. Instead of saying something that may be true but isn’t a good thing, replace it with a weakness that will be positive for the business. Something along the lines of : “I am a hard worker and don’t know where to draw the line.” Or “I focus too much on my job than perhaps what could be more important at the time.”

Remember to say something that is true because sooner or later they will find out that you aren’t the hardworker you said you were but the lazy office worker who won’t mind their business.

Also remember to be confident on the interview, smile, deliver a great question yourself if the opportunity arises and try not to bable on the same things you have already said.