Why I enjoy being in nature, far away from civilisation

Last Saturday I was able to enjoy an off day at work. My previous week went from great to not so great towards the end and I was at that point of frustration. Luckily it was Friday already and so I had the weekend to look forward to.

We all have our own limits and it’s important to test them as often as possible, just as long as you don’t surpass your breaking point, I believe that the more we push ourselves the more we will grow, the more challenges we will be able to face.

Last saturday I was ready to push my limits. I decided that I want to go for a run across the beach, out of civilisation until I couldn’t run. Then, take a break and run back home. Crazy right? Yeah I’m crazy.

I never measured the distance but I started my expedition in the morning at 11, at the halfway stage there was nothing but sand and ocean, I couldn’t see a soul. I was completely alone. But then again was not.

Here is a photo of how long I ran for, this was only my halfway mark. I ran about 3 hours in total which isn’t bad considering I haven’t went running for the past 3 months.

I really loved to be in a spot where there is absolutely no one near me and just nature that sorrounds me. I wouldn’t want such a thing for me to happen on a daily basis but to get away from it all is purely special.

One of the reasons why I love to get away into nature is because I feel so much closer to God’s voice. Imagine this: Before God created man there was nothing but an untouched beauty of land. No harm, no pain, no war and no buildings designed to cause nothing but chaos.

These places can still be found, but it takes a lot to get there. You might have to leave town and you might need to go during your off day but it will pay off.

When I got to my spot in the middle of nowhere I had a really special time. There were no hindrances, no phone calls and no upcoming tasks so I had all day to spend time with the Lord. Reading the bible that day felt like poetry, as if the Lord was reaching into my heart and warming my soul.

Those type of moments are the ones that give me the strength to push through for the Lord always seems to give you encouraging words for the present, bring back positive memories from the past and show you a glimpse of your future which can be daunting at times but gives that sense of excitement.

I would urge you to do the same from time to time, on a daily basis always seek Him first but on some days seek Him only. I would love to know if you have tried it or will try and also the feedback of your happenings.


3 thoughts on “Why I enjoy being in nature, far away from civilisation

  1. What a beautiful post and devotion. We need to do more seeking for god, for it is only then that we will find Him. It is an awesome thing to be alone in nature and spend time with Him there. Just think, when He created us, He put us in a garden with fresh air and all the healing properties that we need— Awesome post!!

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  2. I honestly can’t imagine a more perfect day. Being alone in nature always renews my relationship with God. It’s in those quiet times when He and I are all alone that I hear Him speak to me in the most amazing ways. I crave days like that, but they are unfortunately few and far between.

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