Looking for ‘You’

There are some first impressions in life in which one never forgets. Whether it is for a bad reason, a funny reason or maybe even because there was something different about the moment.

In this case, I’m going to write about when you see someone truly breathtaking.

Over the years there are some moments where you see a person in the room and you just can’t resist but stare. It sounds creepy but please tell me there are others who also do it, there is just something about that person that simply makes them beautiful.

You then want to meet that person, hoping that they are as good-looking from within, but that chance takes a while. So you make assumptions of how you want her to be, how this person can be just perfect.

With some, your chance of actually meeting that person never happens. But then there are others, others that you do meet. The adrenaline really starts and you are flustered. You are hoping to say the right words, hoping first impressions are good, then something strange happens.

She is not what you pictured her to be. That flair she once had is gone. There is nothing wrong with that person, you just don’t see her in the way you wanted to rather than the person being insufficient.

My belief in all of it is this: The person that you will one day marry and become your soulmate is the person that exceeds the expectations you put in your head when you originally met them. They may not have given you that ‘wow’ factor right from the start but getting to know that person has been a revelation of her beauty and perfection, perfection in this regard being ‘the one’ for you rather than the impossible fact of being perfect in all ways imaginable.

I don’t actually speak from experience but it is something I believe in. Something that I have faith for that one day it will make sense. That everything will fall into place. That everything that brought you to this point was for a reason. You learned along the way. You hurt and grieved along the way. You grew along the way. And once that moment comes it will all make sense. And my belief in this is unwavering.

Photo by Thái Huỳnh on Pexels.com

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