Where does your gifting lie?

The wonderful thing about this world is that we are all unique. We all have our own story, our own strengths and weaknesses, our own life. You can expect the unexpected when it comes to meeting someone for you will never be able to compare them to anyone else, there may be similarities, but nowhere near the same as any other person.

Your gifting can lie with your strengths and weaknesses, and you may be surprised to hear that one of your weaknesses can be a gifting of yours, you might just not know it. Your strengths may become apparent at a young age, but for many you will have to figure it out.

What you will notice is that the truth is what you believe in. Often you hear ‘the truth’ from a negative person. You may believe something that isn’t actually true. At a young age you are very vulnerable to what others say. You may believe a total lie which could seriously affect you in the years to come.

Analysing my own life on a physical level I notice that my writing was disastrous. Why? Because I believed what others said of me. My vocabulary isn’t close to what it is today nor my stories, but looking back it surely wasn’t as bad as what others commented on it being. My truth was a lie. Writing to me is one of my gifts. One of the things I’m proud of. After many people saying I couldn’t write I received a word from someone saying that it is one of my talents. I was about 12 at the age. Not even my parents believed it. They thought perhaps the word was for my older brother. Only after a couple of years did I venture back to that word and I started to believe. I knew it wouldn’t just happen overnight, but the belief that one day it would and putting the practice in made all the difference.

It took just one person to say I could. Because she wasn’t birthing my talent, she was just bringing it to light. Rebuking the spirit of deceit and affirming the truth.

I know that my writing needs practice and won’t just remain what it is. But it definitely is a 180 degree shift to what it was. Writing for me can be a release to what I feel and even something to encourage others. It is a full circle.

But then looking at a more spiritual level, from a very young age I had the most terrible experiences with the dark. For the better end of my childhood I would experience attacks from the enemy every single night I closed my eyes. Some monsters would pay me a visit every day for a few years. Through that experience darkness was a big fear of mine. It was almost impossible to be alone in the dark. For some reason the only place I felt safe was my bed. I remember staying up some nights for I was too scared to close my eyes.

These nightmares still come when I least expect it, but I no longer fear darkness nor do I worry after a nightmare occurs. What has also changed is that I have been receiving dreams of a positive note. I came to realise that I can even interpret dreams.

It was almost as if the enemy wanted me to stay away from my gifting of interpreting it and just seeing it as a time of torment. Now I see it as a way to find meaning and get a grip on what God is saying when our thoughts and distractions are nullified. I not only interpret dreams and see many of it but I even see visions of the future.

Many people who are actually good at giving prophetic words seem to have had a rough upbringing in terms of the way people spoke to them. For many said nasty things to them, things that did not describe them in a positive manner. It hurt them. But once God swept in and affirmed the truth they were able to give prophetic words.

It seems where you have hurt the most is often where you are actually gifted in. The devil wants you to believe you do not have gifts to share to the world. But one day it will make sense, the clarity that you are gifted and special in His eyes.

So what are your gifts and where was there a time or place where people or something made you feel that you can’t be good at something? For you may be surprised to know that your weakness is your greatest strength in disguise.

Photo by Gimmeges on Pexels.com

8 thoughts on “Where does your gifting lie?

  1. Sounds good my friend. Thank you so much for the reminder

    I think this is the year to convert my weakness or rather fear, into my strength : Public speaking


    1. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it. And honored that it has convinced you to work on a fear of yours. Public speaking is scary and I too have had a fear of doing it. But the more I came into a position where I had to and the more I started to believe in myself the greater I became and the less fear I had.

      Each one of us has an important thing to say, we all just need to believe in ourselves.

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