Are we forced into situations?

There is a film that keeps on popping up in my head. It’s called Point Break. I am referring to the latest one, the reboot in 2015. However the one in ’91 with Keanu Reeves is not much different besides the obvious signs of a smaller budget.

The film is about an adrenaline junkie, Johnny, who turns to the FBI after losing a dear friend in the Motorsport world. His first mission leads him to apprehend a group of criminals who do extreme heists all over the world. These men are doing all of these feats in search of spiritual enlightenment. Johnny then falls in a catch-22 of joining the group or bringing them to justice.

There is a moment where Bodhi, the antagonist, is on the same wave with Johnny off the coast of France. The waves were enormous. It was actually Bodhi’s wave but Johnny took it too. The wave became too powerful and took Johnny out. At that point in time he fainted and started to sink to the bottom of he ocean. Bodhi, leaves everything and goes to save Johnny, even if it meant risking his life in the process.

Fortunately they both came out alive and when Johnny woke up he thanked Bodhi, to which his reply was:”We always have a choice”.

That statement seemed to stick with me till the end and it was repeated a few times in the film.

Do we really have a choice in everything that we do?

In my opinion we do. Even to whether we believe there is a creator who created us or not. You have the choice to wake up and go to work, school or wherever you need to go, there will be certain outcomes based on what that choice is, but it’s always yours.

Some will be much harder than others. Ones in which you will have to think clearly before making it. They may be detrimental and you may risk losing your life, friends, opportunities, but those difficult choices will form you into who you will become.

A lot of the choices you make will be a direct reflection of who you are but there will be some that forge you into something new. So what are the right choices in life and will you be making them?

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5 thoughts on “Are we forced into situations?

  1. Ahhhh! I watched this movie when it got out and the Stunts were mindblowing! Ha, those were my key Takeaways but this has certainly given me a new perspective.
    Yes, I believe we always have a choice. In the end it’s up to you and I, point blank or nah.

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