What remains is

The beauty in between

Above is an image taken on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini in the year of 2017. We were on the summit of Mias Poort, overlooking the mountains in the distance. Did we have a permit you ask? Huh, what’s that? Anyways, I mentioned that I was using this ancient ‘smartphone’ of mine while taking snapshots to remember the day and admire the beauty the day had showed me.

It wasn’t the great lighting, the smart technology or my skills in photography (which I have none of), it was plainly the beauty of what I could see with my own eyes. An ordinary phone took a photo of an extraordinary landscape.

What I took out of this photo, besides the memories and the beauty of it, was that if something is already beautiful it will remain that way to whoever looks at it. Whether your eyesight is of 2020 vision or of a very old person one can appreciate it. It will remain beautiful, timeless. It’s beautiful because nothing is added to the photo to make it look better, no filter, nothing. Just the way it was originally created to look like.

You are the same. Yes you.

There is nothing that is needed to be added to your life to make it ‘better’. Nothing that needs to be taken away. Some of the things that many can seem as annoying could be such an important trait in your life. Your purpose was planned for you with the looks, characteristics and mannerisms considered as well.

To the women, know that you are beautiful, that beauty can lie in the eyes of the beholder, and in this case, the creator. He had you in mind, He put everything together in such a way that it would resemble His goodness.

To the men, know that you are enough. You are not a failure. You can fail at what you do but you cannot fail at who you are. Sometimes you may feel the world is on your shoulders, but that is not the case. He is holding it for you, always.

When everything is over, what remains is the beauty in between.


2 thoughts on “What remains is

  1. A touch ‘preachy’ but I loved the poetic look at life. ‘The beauty in between’ is such a powerful metaphor and that is what we capture with the limited camera of our imagination. Your honesty shines through in your writing.

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