By my side

Gone were the simple days.

The ones in which we laughed, cried and spent quality time together.

Morning, noon or night, you were always by my side.


Gone were the stormy days.

Where we fell, scraping the ground and even breaking parts of ourselves.

On the mountains and rooftops, you were always by my side.


Gone were the silent days.

In which we gave each other space to rest and give each other distance for others and ourselves.

But after those times, we returned and you were by my side.


Gone was the day I used you.

To find someone else, someone newer, a better fit.

And after that, you left my side.


Here is the present day

Saying goodbye to Samantha version 4 (because of 3 Samsung’s before you)

And hello to my new Ulefone Armor X5 by my side


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