In Genesis 40 and 41 the chapters revolve around dreams. In chapter 40 Joseph interprets both the cup bearer and the baker’s dream. Both were in a dungeon with Joseph and had similar dreams but with very different outcomes. The cup bearer would end up back in Pharaoh’s court while the baker would be hanged, both in 3 days.

In the next chapter, of 2 years later, Pharaoh has 2 dreams that leaves him restless. He goes to countless officials, interpreters and even magicians but none were able to give the correct interpretation.

The cup bearer then remembers of Joseph’s gift and immediately Pharaoh sends for him. They wash him and give him new clothes for the meeting. Pharaoh tells Joseph the dreams again and in an instant he answers with perfect accuracy.

After that Joseph has the second highest position in Egypt, below only to Pharaoh!

There are 2 messages I found to stand out.

  1. The importance of dreams

One dream revealed a life to be saved. Another one to lose his life. Joseph could have told the man he had no answer to his dream, but yet, he still interprets it for him. I believe it was to prepare the baker for what was to come, to repent and make his wrongs right. And another dream to prepare a nation for a great famine.

These dreams were all given to different people and were not even believers of God. Although they were not believers they still had the desperation to know what their dreams meant. They knew the power of dreams.

We as believers should also stand in that way. Taking our dreams seriously for they have importance. It is the one time of day where you are completely quiet. Your subconscious can speak and be controlled without you being distracted. Dreams are there as warnings, encouragement and to guide us.

2. God’s timing

Joseph waited 2 years for the cup bearer to ‘remember’ him. He could have told Pharaoh of him then but didn’t. I believe it was meant that way. Back then Joseph may not have been seen as important back then. And even if he was freed it does not mean he would have been promoted to such a high rank, he probably would just have been a citizen of some sorts with no importance.

He waited 2 years but received an incredible amount of power and grace.

At times we may grow weary and feel we are forgotten, but we forgot the end goal. Our lives cannot be fantastic right through, but there is a plan and purpose waiting for us.

Hardship is never meant to be fruitless, it always has an abundance in your harvest.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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