About 2 weeks ago I had a question pondering in my heart. I did not know who to ask until that evening. It was going into sunset, and most evenings I climb the roof of my house and watch it. I find it amazing how each sunset is different. That evening was windy but a very clear view of the mountains and the distant horizon around us. My housemate joined me and we started to chat.

It was in that moment I decided to ask him the question I couldn’t get out of my head: “If you have asked God to show you a sign for confirmation, will he show you more after He has already shown you?”

I guess the reason I needed to know was because I felt ashamed. I felt I did not have enough faith because I didn’t believe the first time.

I felt like Gideon in the bible. Israel was going through a difficult time with the Midianites. They were in the hands of the Midianites for they did evil in the eyes of the Lord. One day an angel in the form of a person came by and spoke to Gideon, explaining that he would save Israel. At first Gideon did not believe him, so he asked for 3 signs. Not one, but three.

I thought to myself one of those signs would have been enough for me. But now I realise it wouldn’t have been the case. If I have a small question that needs more than one confirmation how would I believe something much greater with a single sign?

My housemate answered by saying: “If it is God in the first place that showed you the sign then He will surely show you more.”

And I believe that is how God works. He doesn’t just throw us into something huge without us knowing much or being prepared, he gives us time and guides us through it all. You may look at yourself in the current state that you are in and think, wow, if I never did this I would never have been prepared for what I am doing now.

So be patient. Ask those questions. And wait for answers.

Sometimes we rush into things because we believe that time is running out and we need to make at least some choice. But think again, because time may seem to be going quickly, but it doesn’t mean it is running out.


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