Guaranteeing your security

Ever wondered what the safest jobs in the world are? What are the most dangerous? You probably haven’t but you’re probably wondering right now.

This is not in terms of job security and the probability of your occupation remaining something one will be able to do in the future, it’s more about the chances of getting physically hurt.

To give a specific occupation the title of being the safest would be a rather complex calculation so I’m rather going to mention a few industries: Working with computers, financiers, teachers and businessmen to name a few.

Then to the most dangerous: Commercial fishing, logging, aircraft pilots, and roofers.

You can read more about these occupations here:

So you have the option to play it safe or live life on the edge. Some parents would really want you to have the safest job to ensure a healthy and prosperous life. They would want you to be near to them and be able to spend sufficient time with them. They would certainly not want you to be in a constant state of danger.

What you don’t realise is that anything can happen to you, literally anything (I doubt a dragon is going to eat you alive however). Your job may be safe but that does not mean you are 100% prone to any injury. And to top that you can get hurt outside of work. Many will know the story of Michael Schumacher. He spent over 10 years in the Formula 1 industry, winning 7 titles, the most so far since it began in 1950, sure he had injuries but when going on a ski trip with his family he had a terrible freak-incident which caused him to be in a coma. He had countless opportunities in Formula 1 racing toget seriously hurt, and there are people who have passed away from F1, but it wasn’t the case for Schumacher.

As a teacher one can walk down a flight of stairs and it may be their last. Yes, working on an oil rig will have its times in which people get injured and it is more frequent than the former job, but you shouldn’t live your life on what is safe.

In Psalms 91 it reveals that remaining in God’s wings and declaring his name you will be protected for He loves you. So whatever you do He is there with you, watching over and protecting you.

What I am not saying is that because He watches over you it makes you prone to any sickness or injuries, there are consequences to foolishness and negligence over your life. But I am saying that doing what God has planned for you will surely ensure your safety. Regardless of the job you have know that He is there and he intends you to be safe.

If we are his chosen people should we not stand up and take the roles of leaders and powerful positions? Does He not want a ruler to be follower of Christ? We are meant for the best, a golden spoon in our mouths, not in a way of arrogance but out of blessing and rewarding our decision to love and serve Him.

Show me a righteous ruler and I will show you happy people. Show me a wicked ruler and I will show you miserable people. Proverbs 29:12.

Do not fear what the future holds for He holds your future. He is your future. The safest job in the world is to be a child of God and your salary will be paid out one day ensuring richness, prosperity and everlasting joy.


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