It’s 3:33am. I wake up restless. Anxious. What appeared to be reality vanished within a blink of an eye. All that is left is the darkness that surrounds me. My dry throat yearns to be quenched, but upon holding the bottle, the weightless object yields no return that could benefit me in that moment. A simple walk downstairs would satisfy my drinking needs. But the will to sleep was much greater.

Three hours later I am greeted with waves crashing on the shoreline. A sunrise met with shades of blue beneath it and orange above it. I pause for about 15 seconds to gaze through my window to admire nature’s beauty. But the rat race beckons.

At my unprecedented lunch break I have the privilege of parking near a parking lot by a beach I very rarely visit. I actually have quite a bit of time on my hands so I decide to open up a book that simplifies the new testament. I read a bit of Matthew while the only commotion came from a Jet-ski far from my vantage point to be of any bother to me. I enjoy reading the book. But my focus turned after 20 minutes to look at some memes.

After a productive day of work I have some time on my hands. I make dinner and plan to read some scripture and then intercede until I am no longer awake. While eating dinner I decide that I would like to only intercede for a short while because there was a show I wanted to watch. But after the first episode I decide to watch 3.

Then, when my eyes struggle to remain standing I head off to bed. My body seems to go into deep sleep and my dream commences. The emotions start at focused, it then carries on to relieved, surprised, overjoyed, emotional, sad, excited and ending with neutral. Overall, I was left feeling happy and content in the dream and afterwards. But I made very little effort to think any further to its meaning.

I asked God the day before to speak to me. To show me when and where I can experience Him. It was 3:33am, when the world was quiet, He nudged me as if to say :”Here I am, I would like to chat”. But I chose sleep. When looking at the sunrise it was as if He said: “This is my creation, take some time to admire it”. But shortly upon doing so I decided to get ready for work. While eating lunch I could have looked at a more in-depth character God is revealing to me through the book of Matthew but my focus is lost well before God has the opportunity to reveal Himself clearly. When I finally do have time and I am not fatigued too greatly I choose to be entertained rather than fulfilled. And finally in my dreams I am interested more in the physical realm than the spiritual, thinking about what lies ahead of me in the physical day.

Our omni-present God reveals Himself to us many more times than 5 in a day, but some are so simple we tend to overlook it. We tend to focus on what we can see rather than what we hear and sense. Beauty cannot only be perceived by the things we see, but through the things we hear and feel. We should be observant with all of our senses, including the one that senses God’s way of speaking to us.

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2 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Yes there are so many things trying to get our attention and we willingly give it out of habit . Our brains are literally trained by our phones and media to be distractible . I struggle, too.

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