Should you take the Covid-19 vaccine?

There is a huge debate as to whether the vaccine is safe. Regardless of which one you could take (if you have any options), there is something you should know before considering taking it. Don’t be alarmed if you have taken one already. But hear me out.

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Firstly, I would like you to be cautious and not to take what I say at face value. Test it against the Word and ensure you are doing some of your own investigations. But in doing your research, use only sources you can trust. Unfortunately, most mainstream media companies often are paid to report what is requested via those in power even if it isn’t necessarily true. The truth can be twisted or quite simply completely fabricated. But if you have a trusted source that you can vouch for, then consider their advice, but do not just believe what I have to say or what one news company reports.

Just looking at past vaccines, how have they fared? Have they actually yielded great returns? I won’t be going into any detail about that, but one thing to note: The average time it has taken for vaccines to be approved is 8 years. Within 11 months of the Covid-19 vaccine being allegedly created, it was released. Allegedly.

Now let’s look at the success rate of the Covid-19 vaccine:

December 8, Britain released the vaccine to the public, 11 days later a new Covid-19 mutant was discovered that is 70% more transmissible. The government enforced tighter restrictions in vain as the numbers grew. Israel then released their vaccine to the public not long after Britain and the results are similar. Israel is in great trouble. They are also now facing a huge surge in cases. It may be hard to deny that there is a strong correlation between the two countries. 

In a US military’s academy, 37 unvaccinated cadets are forced to live in a tent designed for 20 people. Now we all know with the virus one must keep our distance in public and where possible to avoid spreading the virus. However, it almost seems as if those who don’t take the vaccine will then be forced to take it because of harsh living conditions and the higher probability of germs to spread. And there’s much more to the story (Link below).

When one is forced to do something or feel as if you have no choice, you really have to raise an eyebrow.


The underlying question then becomes how can I protect myself? What are my options? Am I doomed if I get it? First, let’s look at how you can protect yourself from getting the virus. Simply, build a strong immune system. The most vital vitamins would probably be Vitamin C, D and zinc. In most diets you are able to get all three vitamins (just stay in the sun an extra 5 minutes a day if you lack some Vitamin D). But please, be careful with your dosage and also the time you take those vitamins as you may benefit more by taking them first thing as you wake up. Remember your general diet as well, don’t neglect eating healthily because you think the Vitamins are some sort of superfood.

Then it comes to actually getting the virus. Hopefully you don’t get it at all. But, one cannot predict the future. What you can do is act fast. You can implement that simply by taking those vitamins if you haven’t already, as well as what your doctor suggests related to your symptoms. What I have recently stumbled upon is something called ivermectin. Now a lot of people may have heard of it and read articles or watched videos saying it is not intended to cure Covid-19 but rather harm you. But I have my own trusted sources that states otherwise.

Originally, ivermectin was used to treat many types of parasitic infestations. However a research company in England has done many tests to determine whether it is beneficial to combat the virus. They have noticed that it is an effective treatment as an anti-viral as well as having anti-inflammatory properties meaning it can cure early or late stages of diseases. So there’s no wrong time to take it!

Ivermectin poses such a threat to pharmaceutical industries because of its success rate as well as it’s affordability, so it experiences a lot of negativity from the media. Ivermectin has reduced death by 62% in people who have the virus at a very critical stage, those who were in a weak to mild stage of the disease experienced an almost 90% cure rate. It has been used so many times in various countries with various people that the risk of it harming your body is incredibly low. The problem with Ivermectin is that it is so cheap! In countries struggling financially they resorted to trying out the medicine and it worked incredibly well; countries such as Honduras, Peru and Zimbabwe have used it and have seen great results.

There is imply no incentive for pharmaceutical companies to evaluate the range of its effects. There is simply no incentive for pharmaceutical companies to evaluate the range of its effects. Although it is probably one of the core treatments one should take, it is not the only treatment you should rely on. Vitamin D will help ensure you have a strong immune system as well as zinc and vitamin C. Fortunately the latter are accepted by most pharmaceutical companies, however ivermectin is mostly seen as a ‘harmful’ drug. The government has known about it since last year but has done nothing about it.

If you are still cautious about ivermectin then the least you can do is buy some and wait till you are certain it won’t harm you. Perhaps you will never need it. But to know you have at least something to combat the virus is very reassuring.

The question with ivermectin is: Is it any way harmful? People with cerebral worms (cysticercosis) are the ones who are at risk. The cerebral worm dies once the person takes the medicine but that causes damage in the brain. However, the environment that this disease flourishes is in impoverished areas and very uncommon.

Final messsage

If this message has gripped you and you have in fact taken the vaccine and are worried you may fall ill, don’t be alarmed. But don’t take another shot, and resort to the treatment above if you are feeling sick. There are also other great natural plant-based foods and medicines that I have not mentioned which will also improve your well-being. And besides all that I have mentioned above, there is no better treatment, cure or antidote to save you other than our God from above. I urge you to fall to your knees and intercede for yourself, your family and friends, community and country, our planet. As much as it is a battle to fend off the virus there is a spiritual warfare that surrounds the entire COVID phenomenon. We were not intended to communicate to our friends and family over a screen but in communion face to face. To end it, we can only rely on Him. So keep believing, keep praying and always have faith.


Britain and Israel facing a surge in Covid19 cases:

Ivermectin as treatment

Unvaccinated cadets forced to live in a compressed environment


2 thoughts on “Should you take the Covid-19 vaccine?

  1. I appreciate that you have apparently spent a great deal of time in your research. I spent a great deal of time studying both the virus and the vaccine in order to make sure I was making a good decision. I also included asking for His direction in my prayers to God. I waited until mid-June before making my final decision, and ended up getting the J&J single-dose vaccine. God put it in my heart that I had to step away from my concerns about myself and think about humanity as a whole. I chose to get the vaccine with the idea that, no matter the cost to me, if I had any chance of protecting just ONE other life, it was worth the risk to me.


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