Written for the daring

Dedicated to Josh, and to those who are willing to go beyond what is considered comfortable

To leave that which is known, to be met with the unknown is exhilarating and yet frightening simultaneously. Giving up security for adventure, yields stories that cannot be forgotten. Asking ‘what if’ instead of ‘why’ breaks perceptions of the past impossible. Bidding farewell to the old, and welcoming the new replaces narrow mindsets with broad ones.

You are leaping forward with experience, growth, exploits and an overall mindset that one can achieve more if you are willing to dare. You are comfortable enough to seek discomfort. By leaving almost everything behind you are risking it all. It could be a challenging phase, filled with adversity and inner reflection. But you are leaving it all to go wholeheartedly into what you believe is right for you. By doing that you are not resting behind a wall that holds you up in case you fall. But that wall from behind limits your radar of movement. You don’t have a wall, so you have freedom of movement. Sometimes one needs a task at hand that cannot be ignored for you to simply achieve it. You could give up, but that is not in your blood.

Investors will tell you it is not good to have all your eggs in one basket, but I believe at times your basket is so big that one cannot hold anymore, but having such a big basket will allow you to fill it with more. When the time is right, you will distribute these earnings into multiple baskets.

You’ve made mistakes, you’ve had your heart cave in, you have your scars.

Yet, you have survived the rain, survived the pain, you are a dark horse.

Photo by Missi Ku00f6pf on Pexels.com

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