The lavish soul

Sometimes what we wish for will come true, yet we seem to doubt ourselves. It is almost guaranteed and still you choose to be in disbelief when it counts. A promise should not be broken, though you remain hesitant.

Just remember the past, remember what you have received and forgetting the flaws of this world and the people we follow. As sinners we make mistakes, but we are corrected one way or another. All roads leads to Rome, but why take the long, rough road filled with unwanted burdens when you can have a lighter road. Sure perseverance develops through trials and tribulations, but certain challenges leave unwanted scars.

Time is relative, you cannot go back. Remember that there are open arms waiting for you,

You were running on empty
You were feeling so low
When he made you a promise
To never let you go
You were falling to pieces
When he carried you home
When he told you he loved you

He will bring you home.


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