In all walks of life, we come across a point in which a decision needs to be made. At times they are small things like what cereal should I buy? Other occasions where it is not such an easy decision, perhaps which career to go into.

Regardless, there are those who have most likely made these decisions before you, or perhaps something similar. They can be your mentors, family members, friends, or even someone on a forum online. That makes your choices slightly less difficult, sometimes significantly easier. As long as the person you receive advice from is a person that you can vouch for with a solid track record, you can save yourself a lot of time, resources and to a certain extent, pain.

Most of us are so blessed that we have multiple people in all stages of life that guide us. Getting enough confirmation of what you should do certainly nudges you in a direction. But what if you aren’t so lucky to have people that you can lean on? Or what if the advice is not helpful or applicable?

Simple, ask the composer. The author of our story from the beginning to the end. It is cliche, but Matthew 6:33-34 is very applicable:

“So above all, constantly seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness, then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly.”

Personally, I am in a situation where I am at a crossroad, where I have 2 distinct choices, others are options but can be vague and not really viable. And because of these options I am in a constant struggle of wanting an answer to take the next step, however those who have given advice has simply made me less sure of my plan of action. I am so grateful to have such wise people in my life but there are times such as this where I need His advice, (actually, I always do), He should be my first counsellor, not my last.

And when you aren’t sure as to what to do after many attempts to find the right answer, wait. The moment will come when you have received the knowledge and wisdom to act, you were most likely just not ready or better yet, it wasn’t so urgent.

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