Rough Terrain

Life is difficult. I’m sure you can relate. We experience storms in our lives that at times may seem impossible to overcome, yet we get through. Sometimes we don’t leave unscathed, but the scars remind us of how we overcame them.

It is easier said than done, however. You may not always realise how close you are to the end because you are yet to get there. You aren’t playing a game where the percentage of completion is somewhere on your screen, you are in the real world with real consequences, and only one life.

I found myself on a road that seemed to get to a difficult stretch in my life. And for some reason it just seemed to get more difficult. It felt as though my burden was getting heavier for no apparent reason, and I seemed to be okay with that. I probably even added to that burden without realising it. I cannot really tell you what I did, but I know that one day it all changed.

The road stayed the same. I removed burdens I put on myself. Most of all, I received a stronger back.

How? By asking.

As a Christian, we are told to take our cross and follow Christ. We know that our paths will be challenging, but we also know we will receive great rewards. A lot of us go into Christianity thinking that God will make our lives easier, but that is not at all correct. What He does do is give us the unconditional love that no one else can, He guides us through turmoil and pain. But if we want to achieve victory, we need to go to battle.

So do not pray for a lighter road, but pray for a stronger back.

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