Written for the daring

Dedicated to Josh, and to those who are willing to go beyond what is considered comfortable To leave that which is known, to be met with the unknown is exhilarating and yet frightening simultaneously. Giving up security for adventure, yields stories that cannot be forgotten. Asking 'what if' instead of 'why' breaks perceptions of the … Continue reading Written for the daring

The longest ride

-780Km (Distance travelled) -70 hours (Time travelled) - 7 days (Days travelled) -Lots (Calories burned) Saturday, 4 September, 2021. My escapade began. Months of planning, training, blood, sweat and tears(that was just sweat looking like tears), came down to a week to face the music. I had this very morbid idea to get on a … Continue reading The longest ride

Should you take the Covid-19 vaccine?

There is a huge debate as to whether the vaccine is safe. Regardless of which one you could take (if you have any options), there is something you should know before considering taking it. Don't be alarmed if you have taken one already. But hear me out. Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com Firstly, I would … Continue reading Should you take the Covid-19 vaccine?