About 2 weeks ago I had a question pondering in my heart. I did not know who to ask until that evening. It was going into sunset, and most evenings I climb the roof of my house and watch it. I find it amazing how each sunset is different. That evening was windy but a … Continue reading Confirmation


Making the right choice is not enough

In all areas of life, one needs to make choices. From starting out in preschool by choosing who your friends will be to choosing where you would like to be buried (yes, that's a very morbid thing to mention) and everything in between. Some are more important than others and the older you get the … Continue reading Making the right choice is not enough

How long does it take to be a professional?

Yeah, those are mine 🙂 There was a math teacher in my school that said: 'Don't practice a sum until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong.' A professional is someone who is engaged or qualified in a certain profession. Someone who is confident in what they do. Looking at professional … Continue reading How long does it take to be a professional?

Who to spend your time with

You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With. I'm sure you have heard that saying before at least a few times. Because it's so true! Your friends have a huge impact on your mindset. Imagine how inspired you would be if you were friends with Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and whoever inspiring person you … Continue reading Who to spend your time with