Recipe for success

Sorting out your relationship with God can actually sort out other things. Starting a career can be challenging. You have reached that stage where you are mature enough to think with substantial intellect as well as live an independent life. For some it may be more difficult than others, so the age varies. What I … Continue reading Recipe for success


Can recurring signs and symbols you see have a distinct message for you?

Have you ever had one of those days or weeks that you see a certain object or you hear a certain sound and it happens over and over and over again? Does it then feel that the world is speaking to you? That the world is crying out to you? Or do you believe that … Continue reading Can recurring signs and symbols you see have a distinct message for you?

Race day: Part 1-Build up

It's race day! The annual Jbay wind farm mountain bike race is here. Cyclists from all over South Africa have come to participate. Fierce competition was to be expected and prizes that would match the talent of the racers. It's my first ever mountain bike race. I have nothing to compare this to. It is … Continue reading Race day: Part 1-Build up

Why should you forgive someone?

Photo by Pixabay on Rekindling what was once a close friendship Loving someone is difficult because there is a high-risk high-reward to it. You can share the things most people will never know about you, have memories that can never be compared to anything else, you could share your life to that person. But … Continue reading Why should you forgive someone?