Finding “The One”

Being in love with someone means that you feel your life is complete. Whatever could happen in the future whether it is positive or negative will not affect your joy you find in that person. When you find ‘the one’ you feel complete. You feel the desire to always make them happy and if you could do something that would bring them joy you would do it.

But what if you haven’t found the one yet? What if you just haven’t met that person yet?

There was a time where I thought I found ‘the one’. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and she had certain qualities that you don’t normally find in people. The most incredible thing about her was that she was such an inspiring person. And that was what drew me to her.

She wasn’t ‘the one’ though.

There was nothing wrong with her I just eventually discovered that she was not the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

So I’m back at square one. 7 billion people approximately in this world. Let’s say 3.5 is woman. So I can cross of 1 name. Great progress!

So what’s the next step? How can I find her?

After months of trying to figure it out I came to a conclusion that will probably not satisfy you but I feel content at this point of time.

There are tons of people that I could be with but I want the perfect match. You can make any marriage work but why struggle now to make it work in 5 years or rather wait for the perfect one and deal with the things that will affect the relationship before you go into the relationship and for her to do the same?

There is also something else I would like to address. Something that I have recently discovered. Rather tiring yourself out looking for someone that inspires you, why not become the inspirational person you would like to meet?

To do that you evidently need to start doing crazy things. Things that excite you but also freak you out. Things that you will never forget. It doesn’t need to be something you aren’t ready for yet but something that will scare you at least on some level. Then one day that thing you thought you never could will be something you will laugh at because it is such an easy feat.

So start daring yourself. Do crazy things. If you’ve got bad memory then just do unforgettable things.

What crazy things have you done and what are the things you are planning to do?

I am also not a hypocrite so I will also be doing things that entice me and of course bring those stories to light.

They say you are the product of the people you spend your time with. I’m sure it will be the same with the person you love. So once you become an inspiration to others you may find ‘the one’.

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Catching a thief-my first arrest

This past week was rather crazy for me and one day in particular was rather special. (And in a way not so special)

It was the middle of the afternoon. I was in the yard at work grinding some metal with gloves, safety goggles and all (actually my first time so I felt real badass).

Seeing that I was using such a loud tool I could barely hear anything other than the blade of the grinder spinning. I turn and look to see my colleague rushing back inside.

‘This is weird’, I thought.

He was running faster than I have ever seen him run, and he is pretty old so that is saying much( we even call him oupa, meaning grandpa). Another one of the guys working, (let’s call him Mark) saw him run and decided to follow so I saw the two of them run in a straight line formation. Honestly I thought Mark was impersonating the old man, so I started to laugh, but their faces remained focused so I assumed they weren’t fooling around. They rush outside the shop and then I finally
see what was going on.

Two men nonchalantly walked past our rubbish bins (which mind you are extremely expensive), took one and walked off.

In the middle of the day!

The two men stopped hauling the bin and took off. Yay, so we saved the bins!

But it was not over. Not even close.

The old man stayed behind walked back to the shop but Mark kept running, he wanted to get at least one of them. Honestly I was still in the giggles, this was all still funny for me.

‘But what about Mark though?’, I asked. ‘He could run into a bunch of people that could be accomplices of the thief and gang up on him. We have to help him.’

Now the old man and I start running around in a straight line formation.

I grab the keys for the bakkie, the old man opens the gate and we rush to get in the bakkie.
‘What’s going on?’ Asked another colleague. There was no time to spare so we took off without saying a word.

We reverse out the gate and the chase continued, now it wasn’t a chase but a game of hide and seek. Seeing that it was a bakkie it was able to go straight over
the pavement and onto the gravel, a very nice shortcut. I look around trying to find Mark while the old man is making sure we get there as fast as possible.

We took a right turn in the hopes that they went the same way. Thankfully a man on the side of the road pointed in the direction the two were going.
We were going the right way, but will we get there in time and is Mark okay? We seriously went far to find them and I was amazed as to how far the chase carried on for.

Eventually we see Mark talking to a man in his car most likely about the thieves. But the thieves were nowhere to be found. Mark points to where the men ran but there was no way the car
could get through with the gate in the way.

So the chase was over.

Not on my watch I thought to myself. I have the element of surprise seeing that the thieves believe the chase is over. I walk around the gate and through some bushes to some open land where I see 5 men in the distance, one of them being a thief.

There were a line of bushes on my left so I wanted to use that to my advantage to get a closer distance to the man. I walk about 50 meters till the man turns around and unfortunately sees me. He then took off again with his friends and the chase was on again.

At that moment I started to have lots of questions.

‘Where is my team?’

‘Are those guys the thief’s friends?’

‘Does he have a weapon?’

But the worst of all:’What should I do if I actually catch this guy?’

That freaked me out. I also laughed at the same time because this is not what you would expect someone like me to be doing. If I do catch this guy I would not know what to do next. I’m not really a person of violence in any sorts, I’ve been in fights before but never thrown a punch, only defended myself. I think teasing someone is the closest to violence I have resorted to.

It’s the same question a dog needs to ask him/herself if they actually catch a car, because honestly if they do, I don’t believe they would know what to do.

But anyways, back to the chase.

It was quite a long chase and we probably sprinted for a good few hundred metres. We ran through an open piece of land, through a cemetary and up until a school.

When I reached the cemetery the thief stopped running and started to walk, I also slowed down not because I had no more energy but rather because I didn’t actually want to catch the guy, and if those guys were his friends they could’ve ganged up on me. So I was happy just to keep a safe distance.

I did walk a lot faster than the thief and when he noticed how close I got he ran again and the rest split up.

It was only him and me right now.

When the thief got close to the corner of the school’s fence our bakkie showed up.

I was shocked and pretty sure the thief wet his pants, I don’t blame him though. He did have quick reflexes though and he turned to the fence and climbed over.

Half way over Mark lunges to grab him but wasn’t quick enough, it was actually good though because the man could have lost a limb seeing that the fence was topped with spikes.

He is now in the school and this is where it got really interesting.

Mark finds an easier place to clamber the fence where there were no spikes while I get back in the bakkie and drive around to the entrance.

A security company comes with two guys in a hatchback. They get out and run into the school as well.

The old man and myself follow closely behind the security squad and we all start searching for the man in the desolate school.

It really felt like a Call of Duty mission, just there were no guns and everyone only has one life so we were also a lot more careful.

Now it was time to put my clandestine mental brain on and move as silently as possible. I kept my breathing at a slow pace with as little sound as possible.
I’m now alone in the one section and it is dead quiet. No sound, I make my way past a building into the open and I finally see the thief being dragged out the school with Mark walking closely behind.

Well now I don’t have to worry about what I will do if I catch him.

So the chase was over and one of the culprits were caught.

That was what I thought. We just have to wait for the police to show up and we will be on our way, but what I heard next broke my heart.

Mark and I sat down and chatted over what just happened and he told me when they caught him the man gave him a few hits and said a few words
I want to never repeat. The thief did not resist one bit but he received what no person deserves, no matter the crime.

At that moment I realised one thing.

This man did not fail the city, the city failed him.

But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. – Matthew 5:39.

Yes, the man stole. We also found some jewelry in his pocket that he stole, but to steal a bin and jewelry and get any form of beating is not justice. The thief’s wrongdoing revealed the true character of the security man.

If the thief went to prison for a day or a year or just a warning that is justice, but to hurt a man for someone’s own joy is sickening.

To build a greater world we need to turn the other cheek and show others that the battle can be won through love and not war.

Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my own friends. – Abraham Lincoln.

The thief was poor, probably had no job and could be in dire straights (which is no reason to steal). But if we showed him love through a
young age and built a strong community around him he would have a better chance of bringing good to our world. If I was in his shoes who knows
what I would have done.

The start of a better tomorrow starts with someone standing up to the wicked in the world and replying with love and the belief that all of us
can have joy in our hearts that is everlasting, no matter the situation.

Taking the first step

What is it that you would like to do in your life? What goals and aspirations would you like to reach this year and this lifetime? I’m sure everyone has their own goals but so often we never seem to achieve them. We waste our time on the wrong things and fear that we may be laughed upon if we try something new.

One needs to be FEARLESS. You need to have that inner resilience that will never quit and will always start something. But how do you become fearless and how does one reach success?

I was talking to a good friend of mine over the phone the other day and it made me realise how I became somewhat more fearless and started to see the horizon of success in my midst. It made me realise what I did this year and how it shaped my year and how it’s going to shape my life!

It’s only really one thing: Taking the first step.

My whole life I have lived under the security of my parents, getting the love, care, food and resources to give me a glimmer of hope that I can reach my dreams. Last year I was also part of a program that did make me much more independant, but there was still a lot of things that gave me the feeling that I am still protected by others, that I always have something to look upon if I’m in trouble.

This year I had the desire to start my life as a legitimate adult. Meaning that I would provide for myself completely. I left my home and went to a new town to start my life on my terms. At that time I had no job, no house and just a little bit of money left from holiday work(wasn’t really a holiday, was a lot of work).

There were so few unknowns to me but the one thing I knew was that I needed to be where I am now.

It took me only 4 days to leave my friends place and about 15 days to find the ideal job. The job that I could only dream of. The job is providing me with everything I need: Knowledge, experience and obviously money to provide for my basic needs. In no stretch of the imagination is it a huge salary but for my first job I’m doing ok. And where I lack in money I gain in knowledge and experience. The opportunities so far will equip me for amazing things to come and I am just so privileged to have so much already.

So to answer the question, it’s all about taking that first step. Sometimes trusting in your abilities and taking that huge leap of faith may seem scary but it’s going to pay off eventually. Yes, maybe it doesn’t work out this time, but next time you would have done it before, and so you’ll learn from your mistakes and it won’t be so scary.

Although I did everything on my own it was my friends, family and my ability to encourage myself that I am capable of achieving good things. I also have to thank God for showing me the right path. For months of praying and many other directions and possibilities all turning down it was this new plan out of the blue that was only advised by the Lord. The previous rejections gave me that desire and strength to just go for this new adventure. Life isn’t easy so you might as well make it difficult for yourself now making the rest an easy ride.

Right now it’s a lot of hard work and little time to socialise and relax so at times the road ahead can feel lonely but I know the work is going to lesson and the opportunities to connect with others will rise. So now it’s all just about working hard and making sure I always have my goals in the back of my mind to always remind me what I want to achieve.

There will be times where you are alone. But then you just have to encourage yourself. It may sound weird but try it and see the results. Others may not always understand what you’re going through but that’s because they haven’t gone through what you’re going through. That’s what makes us all unique and special. You are the head and not the tail.

So take that first step and reach for the stars!

I’d like to thank my friend for revealing this to me. This person is also a blogger and probably writes better than me, so perhaps give it a look.

Is it worth getting thrown into the deep end?

A wise word from a wise man: Life is diffuicult.

This is not actually from a wise person because it doesn’t take a genious to figure out the above statement. It seems that the older we get, the more responsibilities are taken over by us. This means that there is more at stake.

Sometimes in life though, we get thrown into the deep end. You might get a test that you will have to study for in a day, or your boss hands you a new project that you know next to nothing about or you get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and you thought the jack for the car was a boy’s name.

Life has a way of handing you a tough task. You get thrown so hard that you aren’t even sure how to get back up.

In my opinion however, I think it’s the best way to learn.

So often we spend our time learning a new thing but it seems to take forever because we have no deadline, no one to check up on us. If you think about it we could learn almost anything on your own, but we need someone to teach us, some organization that may take most of our money, but they will be efficient in educating, and they will have deadline with lots of tests. It’s called a university.

It seems to me that if we aren’t really being chased by something then there is no desire to run. We need that desire to maintain a mind always growing and improving day by day. At the moment there are too many things that distract us from our potential to grow faster than we can imagine.

I think it’s important to aim high when it comes to goals. When we’re thrown in the deep end there’s only one thing you can do, after panicking, and that is working your butt off. I would rather aim high and not reach my goals than aim low and never see my full potential.

So aim high and know that there’s always more to get than what you are receiving right now. Personally I am about to venture into dark waters. But there is a glimmer of hope and to get there one needs 2 things: Focus and determination.

A journey to the unknown

I wish I could say this is my first entry to my very first blog: Wanderingwithapurpose. But it’s not. I had a few ideas on how to start my blog and the story I would write that would establish my blog but instead I pulled something out the archives and posted it showing that there is no more time for procrastination and just a time to start. It is the new year so it is a new beginning.

Speaking of the new year, I am entering a new phase of my life, a new season. I am leaving the security of my family and friends behind and embarking on a brand new adventure in a semi-new place with a lot more I don’t know yet I will just figure it out along the way.

With all of the unknowns that lie before me there is one goal, a goal that drives me to get up before the crack of dawn, to put the hours in of obtaining information and knowledge while also using my skills I have acquired over the years to make something of my year.

A lesson I have learned is that one can have all the wisdom and knowledge but if one does not use the knowledge to create, build or reach for something one is wasting their time and their reason for living. Head knowledge is great, but a mediocre brain with the hunger to reach success is someone I would like to meet for they challenge themselves on a daily basis and through their mistakes they learn, making their brain not so mediocre.

If it excites you and scares you at the same time, you should probably do it. I’m going to follow my dream and probably going to make mistakes along the way, but I know, eventually the lessons learnt is going to result in a success much greater than the ones tackling life with caution.

The journey alone is the journey that makes you stronger. Although I am going to do most things on my own I know that I am not. My friends and family are a phone call away and it is important to make new friends, which I will. Friends that will challenge me to stay motivated, energised and hungry for more. Being content with what I have but always in pursuit of more.

Although this is a new year and a new beginning, I am still the same person. I have just climbed to the top of the mountain. I am not going to turn around and go back, but rather go forth, going down to the next mountain, but with the mentality that there is more for me, I just need to be open and ready for it.

I also know that in the darkest times, in the valleys and in the deserts was the time where God truly shone through, revealing to me that I am never alone. I put my trust in Him this year and for all eternity, He has never failed me, even though I have failed Him. This new adventure was directed by Him so I will go forth now, seeking more of His voice. The attentive whisper, knowing that He is in all things, including me. So why should I fear?

There are many unknowns, but through Him, I am going to wander, with a purpose.