Up into the clouds

Du Toits Peak - The highest peak in the Western Cape within direct sight of the ocean. Elevation: 1995m (6545ft). Difficulty: 9/10. About two years ago Du Toits Peak became a word in my mountaineer vocabulary. Grueling, challenging and slightly silly to go without a guide were all words to describe the ascent. Those were … Continue reading Up into the clouds


Catching a thief-my first arrest

This past week was rather crazy for me and one day in particular was rather special. (And in a way not so special) It was the middle of the afternoon. I was in the yard at work grinding some metal with gloves, safety goggles and all (actually my first time so I felt real badass). … Continue reading Catching a thief-my first arrest

Is it worth getting thrown into the deep end?

A wise word from a wise man: Life is diffuicult. This is not actually from a wise person because it doesn't take a genious to figure out the above statement. It seems that the older we get, the more responsibilities are taken over by us. This means that there is more at stake. Sometimes in … Continue reading Is it worth getting thrown into the deep end?