Finding “The One”

Being in love with someone means that you feel your life is complete. Whatever could happen in the future whether it is positive or negative will not affect your joy you find in that person. When you find ‘the one’ you feel complete. You feel the desire to always make them happy and if you could do something that would bring them joy you would do it.

But what if you haven’t found the one yet? What if you just haven’t met that person yet?

There was a time where I thought I found ‘the one’. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and she had certain qualities that you don’t normally find in people. The most incredible thing about her was that she was such an inspiring person. And that was what drew me to her.

She wasn’t ‘the one’ though.

There was nothing wrong with her I just eventually discovered that she was not the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

So I’m back at square one. 7 billion people approximately in this world. Let’s say 3.5 is woman. So I can cross of 1 name. Great progress!

So what’s the next step? How can I find her?

After months of trying to figure it out I came to a conclusion that will probably not satisfy you but I feel content at this point of time.

There are tons of people that I could be with but I want the perfect match. You can make any marriage work but why struggle now to make it work in 5 years or rather wait for the perfect one and deal with the things that will affect the relationship before you go into the relationship and for her to do the same?

There is also something else I would like to address. Something that I have recently discovered. Rather tiring yourself out looking for someone that inspires you, why not become the inspirational person you would like to meet?

To do that you evidently need to start doing crazy things. Things that excite you but also freak you out. Things that you will never forget. It doesn’t need to be something you aren’t ready for yet but something that will scare you at least on some level. Then one day that thing you thought you never could will be something you will laugh at because it is such an easy feat.

So start daring yourself. Do crazy things. If you’ve got bad memory then just do unforgettable things.

What crazy things have you done and what are the things you are planning to do?

I am also not a hypocrite so I will also be doing things that entice me and of course bring those stories to light.

They say you are the product of the people you spend your time with. I’m sure it will be the same with the person you love. So once you become an inspiration to others you may find ‘the one’.

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Taking the first step

What is it that you would like to do in your life? What goals and aspirations would you like to reach this year and this lifetime? I’m sure everyone has their own goals but so often we never seem to achieve them. We waste our time on the wrong things and fear that we may be laughed upon if we try something new.

One needs to be FEARLESS. You need to have that inner resilience that will never quit and will always start something. But how do you become fearless and how does one reach success?

I was talking to a good friend of mine over the phone the other day and it made me realise how I became somewhat more fearless and started to see the horizon of success in my midst. It made me realise what I did this year and how it shaped my year and how it’s going to shape my life!

It’s only really one thing: Taking the first step.

My whole life I have lived under the security of my parents, getting the love, care, food and resources to give me a glimmer of hope that I can reach my dreams. Last year I was also part of a program that did make me much more independant, but there was still a lot of things that gave me the feeling that I am still protected by others, that I always have something to look upon if I’m in trouble.

This year I had the desire to start my life as a legitimate adult. Meaning that I would provide for myself completely. I left my home and went to a new town to start my life on my terms. At that time I had no job, no house and just a little bit of money left from holiday work(wasn’t really a holiday, was a lot of work).

There were so few unknowns to me but the one thing I knew was that I needed to be where I am now.

It took me only 4 days to leave my friends place and about 15 days to find the ideal job. The job that I could only dream of. The job is providing me with everything I need: Knowledge, experience and obviously money to provide for my basic needs. In no stretch of the imagination is it a huge salary but for my first job I’m doing ok. And where I lack in money I gain in knowledge and experience. The opportunities so far will equip me for amazing things to come and I am just so privileged to have so much already.

So to answer the question, it’s all about taking that first step. Sometimes trusting in your abilities and taking that huge leap of faith may seem scary but it’s going to pay off eventually. Yes, maybe it doesn’t work out this time, but next time you would have done it before, and so you’ll learn from your mistakes and it won’t be so scary.

Although I did everything on my own it was my friends, family and my ability to encourage myself that I am capable of achieving good things. I also have to thank God for showing me the right path. For months of praying and many other directions and possibilities all turning down it was this new plan out of the blue that was only advised by the Lord. The previous rejections gave me that desire and strength to just go for this new adventure. Life isn’t easy so you might as well make it difficult for yourself now making the rest an easy ride.

Right now it’s a lot of hard work and little time to socialise and relax so at times the road ahead can feel lonely but I know the work is going to lesson and the opportunities to connect with others will rise. So now it’s all just about working hard and making sure I always have my goals in the back of my mind to always remind me what I want to achieve.

There will be times where you are alone. But then you just have to encourage yourself. It may sound weird but try it and see the results. Others may not always understand what you’re going through but that’s because they haven’t gone through what you’re going through. That’s what makes us all unique and special. You are the head and not the tail.

So take that first step and reach for the stars!

I’d like to thank my friend for revealing this to me. This person is also a blogger and probably writes better than me, so perhaps give it a look.