Who to spend your time with

You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With.

I’m sure you have heard that saying before at least a few times.

Because it’s so true!

Your friends have a huge impact on your mindset. Imagine how inspired you would be if you were friends with Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and whoever inspiring person you could think of. There wouldn’t be a night where you wouldn’t be thinking about your future and what greatness lies ahead for you. You would be willing to take a huge leap of faith. You would do exactly what you love because your friends are doing it. They’re supporting you every step of the way.

But if your friends were not the greatest? What if they saw the world as a dark place and it’s a fight for the fittest and if you get scraps that’s fine? It’s going to affect you negatively. Your vision of life would probably also not be so great.

That’s why it is important to have positive friends.

I got to know someone through this year and we became friends but one thing I noticed about him was his negativity about life. All he would speak about would be the things that irritate him. This beautiful place that I call home was perceived dark, depressing and a place to be broken.

The friendship actually got to a point where I would start to think negatively about things that he saw as negative. It eventually came to a point that I snapped at my colleague at work because I started to see the things that irritate people instead of the things that makes him stand out and that makes him a really nice person.

Fortunately I realised what was happening before it became a problem. It made me realise the importance of who we spend our time with. It doesn’t mean I should unfriend that person; but rather speak life to him and the goodness that I can see in other people and over the places we see instead of listening to negativity.

Sorround yourself with people you admire.

But don’t let that saying constrain you. You can be the difference in your friendship group. The fresh apple in the basket (which is a stupid thing to say because the rotten apples will stay rotten, or get worse, but anyways). But what I can say is that it wouldn’t hurt to have aspiring friends.

Every good dream begins with a dreamer.

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Do you wear a mask to even your friends

How often do you approach people wholeheartedly and how many times with a bit of your own flair surpressed? I’m sure that sometimes you don’t feel that the people around you are ready to hear your deepest darkest secrets or the quirks that sets you apart. Sometimes it is better just to be ‘normal’.

I myself can be a very sarcastic person with desert dry humour which can rub people the wrong way so when I came to my first job I didn’t open up like a jack-in-the-box because I knew I would probably offend someone. Eventually I will show that audacious side but by then it won’t matter because my co-workers will become my friends, or at least they will accept me.

You might argue and say that you should be 100% yourself in any environment. This can be true but to a point. I do believe there is a time and place to finally show your true colours but it takes time.

I think the real question is though: Do you ever take that mask off?

Some believe that we wear 2 masks. One is for the world to see, the second is for your close friends and family to see and finally you are left with no masks but you are all alone.

It shouldn’t be this way. One should be able to be maskless to at least someone. A place where you can be who you ought to be in an environment where there are those that can see you for you do have something to give. This raises another question.

How can I know who my true friends are?

Your true friends are the ones that let you be yourself, no hidden treasures, all flaws revealed and sincerity in your actions.

I’d like to thank my close friends that allow me to be…me. I always feel at home when I’m with them and it never feels that I need to be someone that I’m not. And that’s the type of people you need to find. Those that don’t change you so that you can fit in with them but rather those that look for the gold that’s inside of you that you might not have known existed.

Do not take heed of those that only look at the surface for they do not care of what may be inside for they only look for the benefits of what you may have.

As iron sharpens iron, so does man sharpen another~Proverbs 27:17.

So find those that sharpen you and bring out that special something that the world needs from you and you alone.