Change is necessary for growth

I had the priviledge of visiting my parents home for just a few days, but it was very much needed. It’s the first time where I can actually say that I don’t live with my parents anymore. But that’s why it was needed to visit, because this new and scary change was difficult for me and I needed the support from the people that have known and loved me their whole life (it was also nice to not have to cook for a few days).

What was also special of this vacation was that I finally saw my parents new home. I left just before they moved so I never got to see it. I lived in the same house with my parents for my whole life and finally when I leave they move, quite ironic.

Seeing the new home that is just a few hundred metres from the beach as opposed to being a 30 minute drive was music to my ears. And to top it off we have a pool as well, not that i’ll use it.

The move was difficult for the whole family, saying goodbye to close friends, my dad leaving his previous job and just putting everything we have and own into this new move, this new life.

With a tough journey ahead there was no other option than to fight through the hard beginnings and perservere through the sudden change of lifestyle.

I was unfortunately not able to play a bigger role in the transition of a new journey and be there for my family, I was on my own journey, still am. But now when finally seeing the new home I was blessed to see how they have settled in and started to get the rest of their bodies above water.

It got me thinking though. This new move for them was difficult and they had to say goodbye to certain comforts and embrace their new lifestyle. It was definitely difficult for then but the change was totally beneficial.

And I do actually feel I played a role in the transition even though I was not there, through prayer. Prayer is the way to bring the supernatural power of God into all situations because even though you aren’t in a specific place He is there and He can act on your behalf as long as you call upon His name.

Change is good. Change is necessary. It keeps you updated with the worlds hardships. Change is inevitable. You should never fear it for it’s always there.

Embrace change, it’s there to make you grow.