Finding a light amongst the darkness

It seems that more and more diseases are being formed and spread. The amount of allergies people have are growing. Long-term injuries are the norm. It seems we are all suffering, some more than others.It’s hard to wrap my head around all of this. Why is the darkness spreading so rapidly?If the evil is flourishing, where is the good?This is a year that God’s promises will be fulfilled. Your harvest will be many this year; but there is an enemy standing in front of that door, that door of prosperity.In this sprititual warfare that we deal with on a daily basis we need to call upon the light, the good, the Messiah. The only way evil can flourish is if the good does nothing.So call upon the name of Jesus.There is a silver lining in all of this darkness however: seeing the power of evil is so strong at this point of time, shouldn’t the power of good be even stronger? I would say so because God has already won the battle, and nothing is greater than He.So be expectant for the impossible, for the radical moments. You will witness the blind eyes open. The deaf who will now hear. The helpless helped. The impure transformed to pure.There is nothing God can’t do. So whenever you have desperation in your heart remember that He is coming to get you and turn your life around.Also, remember that you have the power to heal, restore and bring hope. Not because of your works but because of what is inside of you.With all of the negativity around, there is going to be some radical miracles.